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Renderings and 3D Drawings

Rendering Services Van Nuys, CA

3D drawings and renderings provide a detailed look into the property’s design. You can look at different elements, make changes, and get a good idea of what the project would look like after completion. At Charles Hefner Architect, we provide professional rendering services to clients in Van Nuys, CA, and the surrounding areas. We will provide an accurate and realistic image of the design so you can make the right decisions.

Types of 3D Rendering Services

We use 3D rendering technology to provide detailed sketches of different elements of your property. For example, we give renders on kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, entertainment spaces, and so much more. Here's a look at types of renderings and 3D drawings we provide:

  • Exterior Rendering - Exterior rendering showcases the exterior appearance of your property. It includes a detailed illustration of your proposed backyard, installations like swimming pools or gardens, etc. The renders also showcases how well the property fits in with its surrounding environment.

  • Interior Rendering - Interior rendering showcases the interior décor and appearance of your property. We can highlight essential elements like the windows, sunroofs, location of appliances, furniture placement, colors or textures on the walls, etc.

  • Site Plan Rendering - You need to know what your site with look like, and the site plan includes locations of both interior and exterior elements. We look at factors like the placement of garages, driveways, location of different rooms, etc.

  • Floor Plan Rendering - A floor plan is like a site plan, but it focuses on the layout of every floor. This plan will show you where the rooms are. It will indicate where the kitchen is located and the inclusions in every story of the house. A comprehensive floor plan is an essential element of the project. It provides a guideline for contractors to follow during the construction process.

  • 3D Real Estate Walkthrough - A 3D real estate walkthrough highlights how different rooms and features fit in together. A property should have a good movement flow. You should be able to access all areas easily. A walkthrough provides a broader and more comprehensive look at the design. It is like walking through a constructed building to understand its layout.

We use our expert skills and the latest graphics technology to create accurate 3D renders of property.

What are the Benefits of Renderings and 3D Design?

There are several benefits of renderings and 3D design. Clients get a very realistic view of the plan, and architects and property owners can discuss different elements of the design in detail before the project begins. We can make the requested changes before the contractors start working.

You can see what different materials and textures look like well before the project is complete. For example, if you want to install solar panels or any other specific features on the property, we can showcase them in our design.

If you want to know more about our property design rendering services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Charles Hefner Architect. You can also call 818 793 1325.

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