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Design Services Van Nuys, CA

Design is the foundation of a construction project. A solid, well-made design acts as a guideline for contractors and ensures the building they construct is strong. Charles Hefner Architect provides custom residential design services to clients in Van Nuys, CA, and the surrounding areas. We offer tailored services and will help you build your dream home.

Residential and Commercial Design Services

Different kinds of properties require different types of approaches. A commercial building should accommodate high traffic, have room for product display, and designed according to the business's requirements. Residential buildings should be comfortable, spacious, and appealing. Our design services are comprehensive and include:

  • Site Assessment - While the customer's inspiration pictures and photographs help, we need to assess the construction site to understand what we're working with. The assessment involves scanning and measuring the site, looking around the property for aspects like a good view, etc. We incorporate this information into our design.

  • Concept Drawings - Charles sketches the property design from scratch with his own hand. This three-dimensional drawing will provide an insight into the design and give you an idea of what your property will look like after completion. He has a signature style that shines through in these drawings. It is versatile, elegant, and restrained, which fits in with modern customer preferences.

  • Stock Plans - We have several stock plans with different designs for both commercial and residential projects. You can browse through these plans and determine which elements you like or don't like. That can help us with the overall design process.

  • 3D Rendering - Modern technology allows us to create a 3D render that looks close to the finished design. We can add textures, colors, decorative elements, and show you what your property will look like once it is complete.

Our design services are flexible and tailored to the client's interests. We offer a free initial consultation, followed by a detailed estimate, and then provide refined concept drawings.

Custom Design Services - Why Choose Us?

No two clients are the same. Some have precise requirements and expectations from their projects. They will provide inspiration images, a detailed list of features they'd like to add and explain their end vision. As experienced designers, our duty towards such clients is to recreate their ideas on paper and bring them to life.

Some clients don't know where to start. They have some ideas and pictures but need professional help for figuring things out. Our approach, in this case, is to offer straightforward advice and help them make the right decisions. We have worked on several projects with many clients, which give us the ability to figure out what the client truly wants.

You can speak with our professional, board-certified architect Charles Hefner during a free one-on-one consultation and explain your requirements to him. Charles oversees the projects from start to finish and will make sure your vision is realized.

If you want to know more about our property design and rendering services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Charles Hefner Architect. You can also call 818 793 1325.

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