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Accessory Dwelling Units Architecture

Accessory Dwelling Units Architecture, Van Nuys, CA

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) provide a wide range of living options. You may be looking to create more space for an aging loved one, a rental unit for generating passive income, or a separate workspace or studio space. Whatever your goals, we at Charles Hefner Architect provide custom designs and pre-designed packages specific to your needs. The kind of designs can depend on the scope of the ADU project you have.

Architecture & Design Services

If you want to turn a partially finished or finished basement area into ADU, the amount of design work required may be less. When planning a new detached ADU, it will need extensive design work. This will require a consultation with an experienced and specialized architect like us. We take pride in offering highly rated and affordable architect and design services in Van Nuys, CA, and the surrounding areas.

We believe that anyone should be able to add an ADU to their property without the need to go through the hassles. Whether your goal is to add more space or generate income, we can assist you in taking all the uncertainties out of the design work for your ADU. We have the expertise and experience required to make the process simple and efficient for you. Let our team of professional architects and designers design your ADU and assist you with the permits at affordable prices.

Types of ADUs

We provide design work for different types of ADUs including the following:

  • Detached ADUs: We provide design work services for detached ADUs, also known as granny flats, that are built from the ground-up. These structures are typically positioned in the backyard and are detached from your house. They offer excellent privacy. However, you should expect the permit process to be slightly longer.
  • Attached ADUs: These units are built attached to any side of your house. They can be in the form of a second story added to your home or built on top of your garage that is attached to your home. It doesn't offer the high level of privacy provided by a detached ADU but helps increase your home’s square footage.
  • Garage Conversion: This is an affordable and simpler type of ADU project. If your garage is not being used for its main purpose, you can convert it into an ADU. Garage conversions are usually conducted to create rental units or home studios. There is a good amount of privacy, especially when the garage is separate from your home.
  • Interior Conversion: AN internal conversion ADU is often referred to as a basement apartment, junior ADU, or mother-in-law unit. We can also assist you with its design work. It will usually involve the conversion of an existing attic or basement in your home to create a living space.

An interior conversion doesn’t provide as much privacy as other options, but it doesn’t require new construction and the permits take lesser time to process.

If you need any more information about our services, feel free to contact Charles Hefner Architect today. We have built a strong industry reputation by providing a combination of unique designs, attention to detail, and assurance of quality.

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