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Pre-Planning Services

Pre-Planning Services Van Nuys, CA

Pre-planning is the stage between design and execution. In this stage, the design team, architects, and property owners need to figure out the scope of the project. Without pre-planning, it is easy to lose control of the entire process. You can go over-budget, shoot past the deadline, and experience many problems. At Charles Hefner Architect, we provide professional pre-planning services to clients in Van Nuys, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Pre-Construction Planning - What’s Included?

Pre-planning is a complicated process that requires a lot of research, focus, and complex calculations. That's why you need to hire a professional for the job. We understand which factors to consider during the pre-planning process for different constructions. For example, factors for multistoried office buildings are different from single-storied shops. Here’s a look at what’s generally involved in pre-construction planning:

  • Scope of the Project - We understand the scope of the project by calculating its feasibility, constraints, impact on cost, impact on the surrounding environment, potential obstacles, workforce or labor required, equipment required, and an approximate timeline. Scope helps property owners look at the big picture with regards to their project.

  • Risk Assessment - All projects carry some form of risk. You can lose money, experience delays, face supply issues, have an investor back off in the middle of the work, etc. A thorough risk assessment allows us to establish a few systems to minimize risk and minimize loss if something goes awry. Preparing for risks can help you save money, protect your contractors, and complete the project at a reasonable time.

  • Project Budget - It's not possible to account for all of the expenses involved, especially in large-scale products. However, it is possible to control the costs and ensure nothing goes over budget. We will conduct a thorough cost analysis and come up with budget estimates. This gives you a clear idea of what to expect so you can make the required arrangements. People who don't have a precise estimate often end up overspending.

  • Exploratory Scheduling - Like cost, time is also a fluid aspect of any project. You can set broad deadlines, but it is always a good idea to leave some room for delays. Exploratory scheduling is a way to understand just how much time various elements of a project may take. We can calculate the timeline for laying the foundation, completing the framework, adding walls, insulation, etc. A project is easier to manage if you have some idea about its schedule.

These are just a few aspects of the pre-planning process. We always maintain open communications with our clients during this time to ensure everyone is on the same page. Our goal is to ensure there's a strong foundation in place for future work. We can explain pre-construction planning in detail and answer any questions regarding the service. Our comprehensive assistance will ensure your project starts on the right foot.

If you want to know more about our pre-planning services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Charles Hefner Architect. You can also call 818 793 1325.

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