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Engineering Services Van Nuys, CA Architects design the house framework, structure, and layout. Designers make sure that all the spaces are attractive and comfortable. But these experts need the help of a qualified engineer for components like the planning of electrical lines, plumbing lines, mechanical elements, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and more.

At Charles Hefner Architect, we provide expert building construction engineering to property owners in Van Nuys, CA, and the surrounding areas. We will make sure the property is structurally sound, and all elements of it perform well.

What Does a Constructions Engineer Do?

A construction engineer can have several responsibilities based on the project requirements. As experienced and qualified engineers, we handle initial consultation, supervision during the project, and management. Here’s a look at some of our responsibilities:

  • We look at the plans and blueprints to make sure the building design is up to the latest code requirements. Properties that don’t live up to code can face penalties down the line.
  • Our experts also handle design management. This involves actively looking at the design while the project is in progress to ensure it lives up to standards. We make sure every aspect of the building is structurally sound.
  • We review 3D renders and other such materials to understand the end goal. Our experts also upgrade blueprints based on the renders to ensure the actual building lives up to the client's vision.
  • Sometimes the design needs to be revalidated to improve its function and cut costs. A building engineer handles this task and will make sure the design is optimized.

These are just some of our many responsibilities. We help with almost every aspect of a construction project to ensure the end product is durable.

Commercial and Residential Engineering

Commercial buildings and residential buildings have different requirements. This is even more apparent at the engineering level. We don't use the same materials or tools for residential projects as commercial projects. The building code requirements are also different, and these need to be kept in view at all times.

As experienced residential and commercial building engineers, we know how to review the designs and make sure everything lives up to the required standard. Our experts will also make sure the design is ADA compliant, especially in public property projects.

Engineering Services

  • Mechanical Engineering – This includes energy supply systems like gas, electricity, solar panels, etc. We also work on heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, escalators, and lifts.
  • Electrical Engineering – This involves things like low-voltage systems and switchgear, IT systems, communications lines like internet or telephone connections, fire detection devices, security alarms, and systems, building automation, etc.
  • Public Health – Public health systems are the components of your property that are connected to public utilities. They include plumbing lines to get water supply, hot water, and cold water, drainage of wastewater, hygiene, and sanitation.

If you want to know more about our construction engineering service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Charles Hefner Architect. You can also call 818 793 1325.
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